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Sunday, September 30, 2012

EXO-M Taipei Walker October Issue


EXO-M have merely debuted for a bit over 5 months, they’re Korean Superstar group SJ-M’s younger group, consisting of 4 Chinese members KRIS (Wu Fan), TAO (Huang Zi Tao), LAY (Zhang Yi Xing), LUHAN, (Lu Han) and 2 Korean members XIUMIN, CHEN. In April this year they released Chinese mini-album “MAMA”. The other day, EXO-M held a concert in Tainan, attracting almost a hundred crazy fans to hire a car and follow them, their popularity should not be underestimated.

TAO Born on 02/05/1993, went through: 2010 S.M. Casting System.
CHEN Born on 21/09/1992, went through: 2011 S.M. Casting System.
XIUMIN Born on 26/03/1990, went through: 2008 S.M. everysing Contest.
LUHAN Born on 20/04/1990, went through: 2010 S.M. Casting System.
LAY Born on 07/10/1991, went through: 2008 S.M. Casting System.
KRIS Born on 6/11/1990, went through: 2007 S.M. Global Audition CANADA.

Q/ EXO-M have not yet publicly participated in any activities formally in Taiwan, yet have already accumulated a high popularity, do you have anything you’d like to say to Taiwanese fans?
Kris: This already the second time we’ve come to Taiwan, and this time we just happened to have the opportunity to do some official activities, seeing so many fans come to the airport and the place we were performing at to support us, the members were all really happy and furthermore excited, and we hope that later we can perform even more in Taiwan for the fans in return.

Q/ Your impression of Taiwan? Is there any food that you’d particularly like to eat or a place you’d like to go?
Kris: Even though we’ve already come to Taiwan twice, truthfully the time we have to stop temporarily from our official activities isn’t long, despite this there are so many fans who are supporting us, making all of us feel really moved, our impression of Taiwan is really good.
Lay: Because our schedule really is busy, we haven’t had the chance to go out for a stroll, but we’ve heard from SJ-M seniors that Taiwan has a lot of delicious snacks, next time we come we’ll ask our manager to especially arrange a time to taste Taiwanese foods.

Q/ Have there been any unforgettable awkward moments, whether it’s been on stage or in your private lives, since you were formed to now?
Lay: Once in the middle of a performance, because the dance was too intense, my trousers ripped! At the time, there were fans under the stage who immediately made hand gestures to hint it to me, but I completely didn’t pay attention, it was only after we danced 3 songs and I got back stage that I found that my trousers were ripped! There are still a small number of images that have been sent online, it’s so awkward!

Q/ Is there a word or catchphrase you say every day?
Lu Han: Pout~pout! Actually, pout~pout doesn’t really have any meaning, in my opinion it has a sort of exclamation mark like feeling! (At this time Chen who was sitting next to him also “pout~pout”ed)
Xiumin: …… (and then looked at Luhan laughing, so Xiumin’s catchphrase is actually a joke that can only be said between friends!)
Tao: If I meet a difficult situation, I would encourage myself by saying “nothing’s impossible!”

Q/ Will you listen to other groups’ songs normally? The group you admire the most is?
Chen: Of course we listen! The groups we admire the most are the seniors within our company, there isn’t anyone we specifically like, rather we treat them as targets, working hard to follow their direction of success and advance forward.

source; LemonNUNA
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans

Saturday, September 29, 2012

EXO's Chuseok Messages


Suho: Hello. This is EXO-K’s leader Suho ^_^
Everyone~ Are you getting ready for the upcoming national Hangawi?!
During this Chuseok, eat a lo~t of delicious food with your family and make sure to eat Songpyeon too
I hope you will spend a happy and productive holiday! Haha
And also!! It’s quite cold lately so be careful of the cold~♡
Suho will always guard you ^_^

Baekhyun: Hello~! Joyful and rich Hangawi! Chuseok is here! (Claps and cheers)
Spend a nice time with your friends and family! And while eating delicious Chuseok food
You know that you have to think a lot about EXO, right?ㅋㅋ But if you eat too much because the food is so delicious, you will be sick ㅠ_ㅠ If you have a stomachache!! It will hurt~ this much this muchㅋㅋㅋ
Spend a joyful Chuseok! I love you! ♥ That’s it, it was EXO’s light, Baekhyun~!

Chanyeol: Hello~! It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!
The humid summer went by without even us noticing it and Chuseok is already coming to find us~!
This Chuseok is the first Chuseok EXO-K is spending with all of you!
I think that makes it an even more precious and meaningful Chuseok to us!
We practicing hard and making a lot of efforts for our next album so
Wait a bit more and look forward to it please~!
And everyone, spend a joyful and happy Hangawi!!
It was EXO-K’s Chanyeol until now!! We are one! Thank you~♥

D.O: Hello! It’s EXO-K’s D.O
It’s already joyful Chuseok?
I hope you will make memories you will never forget during this Chuseok!
We’re also working hard for our next album
And preparing for it.
Look forward to it and give it a lot of love please! Have a nice Chuseok~
It was EXO-K’s D.O until now.
Thanks. Heart.

Kai: Hello~ This is EXO-K’s Kai~ The reason why we’re writing letters! Is~ because the exciting Chuseok is coming!
Aren’t you excited? We’re really excited!!! Woah~~~~
On the Chuseok day, put your anxiety and worries aside and eat delicious food and songpyeon with your family. Spend a good time with them and have a happy Hangawi~
Until now it has been EXO-K’s Kai~ ^_^

Sehun: To the fans I love, this is EXO-K’s maknae Oh minor.
Chuseok is coming up soon !!! Wooaaaaah (claps) clap clap
Eat a lot of delicious food~ Since it’s the Chuseok, eat a lot of “songpyeon” too~
I will eat a lot too and gain strength!
Spend a happy and fun holiday with your family♡
PS : You also have to think of EXO-K while you’re having a great time!


(T/N: Hangawi and Chuseok are Korean Thanksgiving and Songpyeon are half moon-shaped rice cakes that Koreans eat during Chuseok)
(T/N: Similarly, the Mid-Autumn Festival is what it’s known as in Chinese where they eat Moon Cakes)

Tao: Hello. Hello everyone. I am EXO-M’s Romantic Kungfu Panda Tao.
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! I hope that everyone in the world can be happy♥! Moon cakes~~ eat tasty things!! Spend every day well with your family happily and peacefully forever.

The Tao who loves you.
I love you kekeke.

Chen: Gather at one place with your whole family
Talk with them!
Eat a~lot of tasty food!
But you can’t have stomachache!! ^^
Everyone, spend a joyful Chuseok~♥

Lay: Everyone have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
I hope everyone is happy~ Spending a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with their family~
Eat a lot of moon cakes~ because they’re yummy ^^
~And also because of a reunion~ “♥”
Spend a nice Chuseok~ ♥_♥

Lu Han: Hello everyone! I am EXO-M’s Lu Han!
It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival! Here I’ll wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival beforehand!~
I hope that every single person can have a reunion with their family, what else can be more important than being together with your family? Haha~
Alright, I won’t say anymore, my heart that loves you will never change! ♥
To all Korean fans! Spend a nice Chuseok ^_^ I love you ♥ keke.

Xiumin: This is Baozi ‘XIUMIN’ !
Everyone ! Chuseok has now arrived >< kukuku
Eat a lot of delicious food and please love our EXO-M more.
We are hungry for everyone’s love ^_^
So, have a happy and pleasant ‘Chuseok’~ -Yours truly, Xiumin-

Kris: My dear friends happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
Even though we can’t spend it together but… My “♥” is with you~ We are One ^^.
I wish you all will go through every day enrichingly. Have a nice Chuseok and be happy! Have a good one ^_^


source: exo-k |m's official homepage
translation cr; saphira & emilie @ exok-trans cr; xuan@exom-trans

Sunday, September 23, 2012

EXO Heading Back To Korea


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