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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Exo fashionistas cuts that you ain't seen before (roll like a Buffalo :D) I'm happy that I found this video, but It was a little bit grey and sad so I just colored It up a little and made it more likely to see.>.< SO,of course, I putted it On YouTube ^^  So what can I say... Enjoy!

SNDS Genie - EXO-K ChanYeol Cut

Wow... If I would find a lamp like that one I would wish for all the Korean Pop stars to come and  visit my house ^^
I WANT THAT LAMP <3 (but i would preffer if from the lamp came out EXO, Shinee or SuJu >.<)

Your World..EXO.Lyrics

My Video:

Korean Lyrics 너의 세상으로 열린 바람을 타고...

Chinese Lyrics 預告片歌詞:當我乘坐著風 身為你的守護者....

English meaning: Open your world to ride the wind