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Thursday, March 1, 2012

EXO secret guy?

Ok. on twitter I've reed that The "secret guy" From EXO's New Teaser (klik here to check out) is Kai.
I think That It's really Kai. Let's Look at these photos:

oh yeah this it's definitely Kai ^^ 

Yep it's him we see it

Now Everyone does That mean that Kai will appear In EXO's 23 teaser? Cause normally SM Entertainment makes this kinda thing's Like The teaser 13 With Se Hun And Teaser 14 With Kai "doll". Will it be the same like does to Teasers? As time goes on we will see. 

EXOgossip_8 Band War?

As we all know That EXO is going To debut in March there Is Something interesting happening... All I want To say is B.A.P. yes Maybe not All of you know but B.A.P is a 6 member boys bad that Debuted in the 28th of January. Yeah Yeah.. The first I that I thought was .. "Lame blondies" AND THAT WAS WRONG. Cause There like super super awesome, have good energy and they make me become a warrior ^^. you better check Zelo date birth and check that we have found Taemin 3 (Taemin 2 is Kai From EXO-K).

check the video

What I don't Like in this group is that They All have fake blonde hair witch kinda freaks me out a little.
But You all know, (I know), That for EXO I would die! That I hunt there Every move! Cause I'm there EXOtic (like you guys <3) but EXO U have to debut! And you have to debut with a Bang cause TS Entertainment ain't sleepin'. Ya know.

IF you wanna read about B.A.P KLIK HERE
IF you wanna read About EXO stay HERE ^^ 

EXO Lay and Se Hun_22 Teaser

Lay and Se Hun are dancing in a white&black room. I have to say that I really like this teaser! It's something new, because the action with the camera and those two together- fantastic!
They are dancing to the song by

EXO-K - Your World

EXO-M -Your World
(I think I like the Korean Version better, but I liked The Chinese "You world" in the 17 Teaser (Kris))

But wait a second... Who's that guy that appears in the end? Those teasers (as the debut is coming ) are getting more and more mystirusly-interesting.
Tell me in the comment box who do you think he is :) (i think it's Tao or Kai)

Lay & Se Hun
Se Hun & Lay
Lay& (behind) Se Hun
Se Hun
Se Hun
Lay&(behind) Se Hun