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Friday, March 9, 2012

EXO History-scenes and Clothing

Let's look a little bit closer to EXO's clothing and scenario to there Prologue "History".

First Scene from 00:00-01:10
First Of all there On.. let's call it there "EXO planet" wind blowing, slow motion and... pant shacking ^^.
There outfits for this scene are luminescent and kept in dark shades such as gray, black and silver. Baggy and shiny trousers with animal motives and leather jackets. A Hip-Hop mix up with the lower part of there outfit and rock-glam with there upper part. But some motives are from a cowboy style like pants with tassels along the sides. 

1. Zebra motive on Su Ho
2. Leather rock gloves On Se Hun
3. "Cowboy" style tassels along the whole side.(Se Hun)
4. Zebra motive on Kai's trousers. Of course shining!
5. Again we can see a "Cowboy" style with tassels on ChanYeol trousers.
6. D.O with zebra baggy pants.
7. Baek Hyun and his spotted-panther motive on His shirt.
 8. Lower Part of there outfits - baggy trousers in a  hip-hop style
9. Trousers like "aluminium" ^^ D.O
10. Another "aluminium" T-shirt and an  Leather jacket. Glam-Rock Kai.
11. Se Hun kicking his dance moves In an Leather jacket like Kai.
12. ChanYeol is wearing an silver jacket. (another aluminium thing ^^)

Second Scene From 01:11-02:07 (with EXO-M this time)
The Second scene begins in an "EXO capsule" (can we call it that way?). The background is made from different triangles that all stick together making an awesome wall behind the members. Colors are different in every way you look at it. Sometimes It looks like sliver, grey but sometimes light blue or white. 
There Outfits for this scene are more in an hip-hop style but with military and (again) a little bit of rock and cowboy accents. Baggy pants and sweatshirts all in black, white and silver colors.

13. Tao's white baggy pants with rock elements-skulls
14. Tao's Black sweatshirt with white skulls. Nice set.
15. Lay's military sweater. (if you look closer there's a gun there)
 16. Lu Han and his cowboy-denim shirt
17. White pants with silver skulls on Lu Han
18. Xiu Min is wearing some military trousers. + some black tassels
19. Kris has white pants with silver skulls and black tassels by his sides.
20. Se Hun (I know he's not from EXO-M but he's an good example) has baggy pants with tassels.
21. Baggy grey,white, silver pants with tassels on Kai.
22. Baggy, Silver pants On Chen
23. Black and Grey sweatshirt on Xiu Min (by the way I think I like his outfit the most)

Hope You Like It :)
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