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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EXO - Behind History

Exo-K Behind the Stages Of History Prologue. 
 Kai, Baek Hyun and someone? (tell me if you know)

Exo-M Behind the Stages Of History Prologue.  
Chen, Lay, Lu Han, Kris, Xiu Min, Tao

source: twitter

EXO-K for Magazine High Cut

EXO-K, had their first solo photo shoot with ‘High Cut‘ magazine!There where chosen specifically as models for the new line of double indigo jeans by global brand Calvin Klein, and the members pulled off the concept of “Listless Afternoon of Youth” perfectly.
EXO-K was pick as The upcoming Stars that will become fashion icons, as one of the representatives Of Ck said.
From The Top Left: ChanYeol, Kai, Su Ho, Se Hun
From The Bottom Left: Baek Hyun & D.O

 Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho
Se Hun & Kai
Baek Hyun, ChanYeol, Kai, Su Ho, Se Hun, D.O

EXO-History Dance Moves

Oh God! Thank You lord for this video! EXO-K:

They all can dance. Couse you know In some bands there is someone that's sticking out of the group because of his non dance skills but look At EXO! There all kicking it! But Kai... doesn't he look a little tired?


Xiu Min.... Well I have to say that God I love him. He has got a hip-hop style that really fits him. :3 He's a little like a second Taeyang. God Kris is so tall. Lu Han is kicking it to. I don't know why but thru the whole routine I mostly looked at him. :)
Yes I have to say it again... EXO hasn't got any bad sides! They all can dance, all look good, and all can sing, and rap. I'm so glad to be an EXOtic from the very beginning.

(when I'll come back from school I'll do the posts that you've voted. Thank's for voting! (but you can still vote!!))

Kai, Se Hun
Se Hun 
Chen, Lu Han, Kris, Xiu Min
Lu Han & Kris 
Tao, Lay, Chen
Lu Han & Xiu Min & Tao 
Kris, Lu Han