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Friday, April 13, 2012

LU HAN - weibo update

EVEN LU HAN updated His weibo and added:
"...EXO-M: 从我们第一个宣传片开始到我们现在出道,经过了100多天的时间,在这100多天里,很感谢粉丝们对我们的支持!我们以后会努力活动,展现完美的舞台给大家!我爱你们(from EXO-M, LU HAN)..."
"...EXO-M: from our first promo we now debut after more than 100 days, more than 100 days, I'm very grateful to the fans for supporting us! In Future we will work hard at our activities, to show the perfect stage for everyone! I love you (from EXO-M, LU HAN)...@
and he changed his photo to a pre-debut one :

EXOtics to the rescue! SUPPORT EXO!

Omg so much tweets supporting EXO - Greg Is tweeting about EXO non stop. I think that maybe he reed the comments under EXO's Music Bank Video. his first Tweet is :
@hydrayuge: Excuse
"...They are sick.
They do not mind
I am sad.
They are the best

They are the best

I love you..."

Then He Tweeted:
"...@hydrayuge: EXO 멤버들은 여러가지 힘든 상황에도 불구하고 최선을 다합니다.
모든 SM 가수들 마찬가지입니다.
관대하신 팬여러분들에게 감사합니다.
재능을 120% 표현할수있게 노력하겠습니다.
돌은 저에게 던지세요..."

EXO's members have been doing really well, just like the other SM artists. Thank you fans for your support and understanding. They will continue to
put in 120% of their efforts, bring it on!..."
But It's not all SuHo added a Picture of him on EXO-K official page and added : "...Hello everyone I am EXO-K's leader, the guardian of all members, SUHO. This is the first time I'm leaving a message for everyone, and I hope that all fans would be able to read it. From the showcase to MCD, and then Music bank, we've been really surprised by all of you. We haven't been promoting for long but we've already received so much care and love from all of you. EXO will continue to put on dazzling performances for all of you.
Thank you for your support!..."

Translations : @heechvl

Shinee And EXO at The Music Bank

Wow! They are so cute<3
Key (I loved him from the start, Shinee's umma:3)

(Upper Left)ChanYeol, Key (SHINee), Kai, D.O,
(Lower left)Su Ho, Jonghyun (SHINee), Se Hun, Baek Hyun

EXO-M and there Make Up to "MAMA"

He twitted that he misses EXO-M :3

Kris And Xiu Min
Damn Xiu Min scared me at the first sight. 

EXO-M NetEase - Interview

MC: welcome to this week wangyiyule's <super face to face>. I'm Huang Jun. Today's guest is korea company SM entertainment's new boy band EXO-M, who are all born in the 90s. Welcome!

EXO-M: We're one! Hello everybody, we're EXO-M!

MC: I heard everybody in the team has individual roles, and special emblem, which we can all see online in the teasers released.

KRIS: Yes, everyone has their abilities. For me, I can fly. I'm a dragon. So my special ability is flying. Everyone is different, and we correspond with members in EXO-K. For example I correspond with this member, and another member corresponds with the next.

MC: Hi Lay, please greet the viewers.

LAY: Hi everybody, I'm Lay. I'm in-charge of dancing in the team. And my logo is a unicorn, I can heal things.

MC: Very special ability.. Luhan, please greet the viewers.

LUHAN: hello everybody, I'm EXO-M member Luhan. I'm in charge of dancing and singing in the team. My ability is that I can use my thought to move objects.

MC: Sounds cool. Xiumin please greet the viewers.

XIUMIN: Hi everybody, I'm xiumin from EXO-M. I'm in-charge of singing and dancing in the team. My ability is that I can freeze anything.

MC: The next member is Chen, please introduce yourself.

CHEN: Hi, I'm EXO-M's main vocal Chen. My ability is that I'm able to control thunder and lightning.

MC: We can already hear EXO's songs online, everyone please listen to them. Now we've the last member Tao. Tao, please greet everyone.

TAO: Hi I'm EXO-M's maknae Tao, and my ability is pausing time, making the whole space stop moving, and my corresponding member is Sehun.

MC: Before forming this team, and how did everyone get into SM entertainment? KRIS?

KRIS: Everyone has different stories. For me, I've studied in Canada before, and there was an SM entertainment audition when I was there, so I took part and got in.

MC: How about Lay?

LAY: I got casted in Wuhan. (China)

MC: So you were walking on the streets?

LAY: Yes.

MC: then you were casted?

LAY: Yes

MC: Luhan how about you?

LUHAN: I was shopping in myeongdong when one of the SM casting manger spotted me.

MC: why were you at Korea at that time? Holiday?

LUHAN: I was there for studying and learning the language.

MC: so you were also luckily spotted by SM?


MC: How about Xiumin?

XIUMIN: I took part in 2008 SM eversing competition and won, so I got into SM


CHEN: I won a singing competition in 2011, so I was chosen by SM

TAO: I performed some talent on SM casting program in Qingdao (China)

MC: Is there anything especially hard being a trainee?

KRIS: Actually everybody find it hard in different ways, we also has different worries. For me, when I first went to the company I didn't know any Korean, so I had a hard time communicating with people around me. Yup.

MC: So when everyone was decided as a team, things become smooth?

KRIS: I've been a trainee for 4 years when we were formed, so language is no longer a problem.

MC: What about you Lay? Is there anything especially hard being a trainee?

LAY: Errrrr, for me, training is quite interesting so there was nothing really hard for me.

MC: How about Luhan?

LUHAN: For me it when I misses home. Misses home yet I couldn't go back and visit, it's the hardest part.

MC: So when you officially debuted as an artiste, did your family supported you?

LUHAN: Yes, they fully supported me.

MC: Xiumin, do you find trainee life tiring?

Xiumin: Nothing was really tiring for me, but the hardest part was dieting.

MC: So this is your biggest problem/worry?


MC: Did Chen encourage Xiumin during this period?

CHEN: Yes, I encourage him.

MC: Chen, so when you wanted to become an artiste I supposed your family also supported you?

CHEN: They actually opposed at first. But when they heard that I had a chance to debut under SM, they supported me.

MC: TAO, did your family also supported you?

TAO: Yes, no matter what I do, as long as it's something I like, my family will always fully supported me.

MC: So during the period you were training, your parents were very concerned about you, but supported you?

TAO: Yes

MC: Did you guys know each other when training together?

KRIS: Yes most of the time we're together training.

MC: What's your first impression of each other?

KRIS: Me? Do we talk about the person next to us? For me, Lay... Because we met for a longer time, around 4 years' time. So my first impression of him is, he is a hardworking kid. And because he's younger, so he's cute.

MC: So he's the quiet type off-screen?

KRIS: Err not really quiet, but also not the noisy type who fools around. Then...

MC: How about Lay? What's your impression of KRIS?

LAY: The first time I saw him I thought he was very handsome, very cool, but feels like he's hard to get close with. But after interacting for some time, he's actually quite warm, warms people's heart.

MC: what about Luhan? Who left the deepest impression to you?

LUHAN: Xiumin. Because when we first met I wasn't really good in Korean, so he took care of me. And he was so cute I thought he was younger then me, but it turns out that he's the same age as me.

MC: What's Xiumin's impression of Luhan?

XIUMIN: I had an misunderstanding towards Luhan at first. I first met him when he's quite fine with his Korean, so I thought he's a Korean. But when I saw him together with the Chinese members, I thought this korean's chinese is good. I keep thinking Luhan's a korean, but in the end I realized that he's actually a chinese. I still thought, the name LUHAN sounds very chinese, but turns out he's really a Chinese.

MC: I know Luhan comes from Beijing, so this trip back home, do you find it familiar?


MC: Among your schedule do you have time to visit your parents?

LUHAN: We're quite busy so I didn't have the time to visit home yet, but I talk on the phone with my parents often.

MC: Do you still have any place you'd like to visit?

LUHAN: Of course I'd like to visit my home the most.

MC: Home...


MC: Chen, which member gave you the deepest impression?

CHEN: when I first met Tao, he's really tall and handsome. Feels manly. But when we interacted he's really cute. No doubt the cutest maknae of our team.

MC: So Tao, you like martial art a lot?

TAO: Yes

MC: Since when did you started having this interest?

TAO: It started when I was in kindergarden. Because I really loved martial arts, and since I loved it, I wanted to master it. Because that time I'd take part in lots of competition, so I was constantly trying to improve my martial art skills to achieve better results in competitions. Yup.

MC: Everyone can see Tao's handsome performances in their teasers. So what was your impression of Chen?

TAO: My first impression of Chen was good, he gave me a very friendly feeling, and also gave me a kind......although not big brother (probably he meant not a big brother feeling who could take care of him), but he still gave me the feeling of a brother.

MC: Compared to the other members, Tao had short trainee life. Do you have trouble adapting?

TAO: No. Actually people won't really get use to something you encounter, but if you putted in effort to get use to, especially something I really like, so I had no problem adapting. And moreover every other members, hyungs really took good care of me, so I'm really happy.

MC: So you're the most protected member?

TAO: (laughs) not really..

MC: Actually their album is out, I believe they have special feelings towards these 6 songs. Every member maybe.....during the recording process will have a song they like the most. KRIS, which is your favorite?

KRIS: My favorite is <ANGEL>. It's a ballad, so it sounds really touching. And I think our main vocals, Luhan and Chen really done a good job at delivering the emotions so... I like it.

MC: What's your favorite type of music usually?

KRIS: Myself.. Because I'm rapper in the group, so I'd explore this genre of music.

MC: Rap music?

KRIS: No matter English, Chinese, or Korean, I listen to rap musics more.

MC: How about Lay?

LAY: Actually I like every song in the album, but if I really have to choose one, I'd choose <WHAT IS LOVE>. It gives people an new feeling. Although it's a slow song, it has the feeling of a fast track. Also, Chen & Luhan's vocals were fully made use of to an certain extreme. It sounds original so I liked it alot, hope you guys can try listening to it!

MC: So Luhan take on the heaviest load in the team? (meaning the mc thought he's the main vocal)

LUHAN: No.. together with Chen.

MC: So which is your favorite song?


MC: The song with special opening dance?

LUHAN: Yes, the "shake pocket" one. Because the beat of the song is stronger, plus the choreography of the song is more special. Our company spent lots of money to get overseas dancer to choreo it for us, so all of us has been diligently practicing the dance.

MC: What about Chen? You're the main vocal of the group so you get more lines, which song is your favorite?

CHEN: There's a song in the album called <MACHINE>. I had a little difficulty while recording the song, so it left me a deep impression.

MC: Xiumin, your favorite?

XIUMIN: My favorite is our title track <MAMA>. Because we gave in a lot time and others in this song, so I liked it. It sounds very grand and magnificent, so I'm very satisfied.



MC: Is there any special reasons you like this song?

TAO: Reason is.... I think this song... Special is.... It's a little prominent. This kind of rap.. Because I like rapping, so I like this song.

MC: So you two (KRIS AND TAO) will learn and exchange views from each other often?

KRIS: Yes we practise rap together.

MC: Sibce competition in the music industry is fierce, what advantages do you guys think you have to welcome the challenge?

LAY: I think... rather then advantage, I think our group is special. For example we are...... Our debut method is through the Internet, releasing many trailers (teasers). 12 people debuted on the same day, same time, in different countries singing different songs (language). Because china has many seniors worth our respect, so we are going to work harder. And something worth mentioning is, we are produced by a Korea company, but focusing mainly on Chinese members, and we have chinese&korean members, promoting in china. So we hope our hard work pays off and gets recognized in the future.

MC: So does everyone have a Chinese singer that you're interested/looking forward to collaborate with?

KRIS: For me, since they're all our seniors, I want to learn from them. Because we're rookies, so if there's any chances, no matter which senior, we're willing to try, and to learn from. So at the moment, there's no special senior I want to name.

LAY: For me, I really like Kahlil Fong's (Fang Da Tong) music style and songs, so, if there's a chance, I'd like to work with him.

LUHAN: I'd like to work with Wang Lee Hom senior. I like his singing.


MC: I think he went to Korea before.

XIUMIN: I didn't see him in Korea before.

CHEN: Wang Lee Hom and Jay Chou. Because their songs..... If I had a chance to sing it I'd be happy.

TAO: I like..... I like..... Actually I like all the songs the seniors sang. But actually.... I like... I like actors, like Jackie Chan, etc.

MC: So in future, if there's any chances in acting, you'll try?

TAO: Yes, I'd like to try.

MC: EXO-M & EXO-K debuted together, netizens and those who likes EXO are very concerned, when will you two groups combine, or any plans to perform together or so.

KRIS: We will.. In the future if there's any music awards or any big awards ceremony, we'll have special stages. And at that time, we 12 will combine and perform together, so this is something you can looks forward to. And in the near future I believe we'll have a chance to perform as 12 (SMTOWN lll in May!!)

MC: So you'll have plans for an album together?

KRIS: Yes, everything is possible, but nothing is planned yet.

MC: we are reaching the end of this program and we hope through this, you'll get to know more about EXO and each individual member. And hope EXO career path will be smooth. The programs is ending and many fans wish to hear your live singing, can we?

*EXO-M sings small part*

MC: thank you, a very nice song. Hope everyone will support EXO-M's mini album <MAMA> and hope that everything will be smooth sailing for you guys. And thank you for guesting on our show.

translated by: Yinjie
Credits: ExoTown.blogspot
(please take out with full credits's)

EXO-K Music Bank [Video]

History + MAMA Performance
Shinee With EXO 
Baek Hyun On Music Bank
EXO-K leaving the Music Bank:

Boy's After Music Bank

What's your opinion about there performance I had To watch It 1000 Times.

Watch Live streaming Here For EXO-K

Streaming Here  Ustream HD2 Or watch It here                                                                >

EXO-K Music Bank photos [fan taken]

The boys are getting in the studio:
+there isn't no lip-sync today :) (singing live)

Se Hun, Baek Hyun, D.O, Su Ho, ChanYeol
Su Ho, Baek Hyun, ChanYeol, D.O, Kai
Baek Hyun, Se Hun, Kai
Se Hun
Se Hun, Kai
 Se Hun
 Se Hun
(from the left) ChanYeol, D.O (in front of him) Su Ho, Kai, Se Hun 
 Baek Hyun
1 pic:(from the left) ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, D.O and Kai (behind Baek Hyun), Se Hun, Su Ho
2 pic: (from the left) Baek Hyun, D.O, Kai, Su Ho, Se Hun
ChanYeol & D.O
D.O & ChanYeol
(from the left) Su Ho (), D.O, Kai, Se Hun

Credits: as tagged

EXO-M at NetEase and Yin Yue Tai Pictures

EXO-M had an interview for NetEase and 音悦大来宾 Yin Tue Tai
In time we'll find out what happened there:)

EXO-M on 音悦大来宾:
(From the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Mini, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
(from the left) Chen, Tao, Xiu Min, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
(From the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Mini, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
(from the left) Chen, Tao, Xiu Min, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
Tao, Chen, Xiu Min, Lay
(From the left)Chen, Xiu Min, Kris, Lay, Tao Lu Han
(from the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Min, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
(from the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Min, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
EXO-M at NetEase:

(From the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Mini, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
(from the left) Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen, Tao
(From the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Mini, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
 Xiu Min
 Xiu Min
 Lu Han
Lu Han
Source: @weibo and ent.163.