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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lu Han Weibo update

Kris on the Tudou interview claimed that they don't have weibo's - when Kris was saying that Lu Han had a cheesy smile :33
Cr: as tagged

Tao adding a Weibo picture!

Tao added a picture on his private Weibo!

Lu Han - Birthday!

a Trip with Lu Han...

Pre Debut:
Lu Han Behind the photoshoot to Korean "W" Magazine:

Lu Han's First Teaser:

SMent Official Pre debut Photos: 

 Lu Han in MAMA:

Lu Han at The ShowCase:

Lu Han At The Airport:

Lu Han from Interviews:

Lu Han Debut Photos:

 Oh Lu Han.. I Can't Belive Your 22 Years Old Already.
First of all I would like to wish you a lot of love, health and success in your career. I want you to get your dreams come true. And to be happy with what you've gaining. Couse when you'll open the album of memorize in your head you'll remind these beautiful moments with us.
Please don't ever forget about us.!
With lot's and lot's of love ~ ExoTown
(write your wishes In the Comment Box or You can Write the Wishes On Weibo With @EXO-M dash so maybe Lu Han Will  Pick your wishes and You will Get The secret present from him- Good Luck)