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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EXO-M Pop Magazine

Labeled as king, called as emperor.
Yearning passion that is brought together, unable to concise.
Just right, as though the scale of seperation of gold.
Afraid of defeating principles that holds logical definition.
Gestures, brow lifting gaze, degree of relaxation.
Decisions, leader, subordinate, ready whenever needed.
Interpreting perfection in two-dimensional way.
Walking three dimensions, showing breathtaking focused attention.
Perhaps you, have no other choice, only to surrender.

Coming into vision, he's like a sudden unexpectant.
Unable to see any feelings when near him, miles of fog.
Maybe will cry or perhaps be happy, however always the unusual calm expression.
Seems to be seen throughly, yet no matter how still not seen clearly.
Glass like crystal, unable to guess whether it's innocence or a mystery on the inside.
Many types of enthusiasm, as though thousand of words straight from the heart, all kinds of obsession.
Not seen by oneself, will not believe.

A soothing sound like that of running water paints a poetic image
Pure desires leaving only quiet singing on stage
An attitude that can light up the sky with rays of glorious orange-red
You are spellbound, so you can only stop and watch
He said that up to this point, that was it

Peach colored
Bright and shady, Charm or youth
Still unfamiliar, still waiting
No one can give the correct answer
Once you are ready, please hold his hand
Those who don’t understand will try to seal your lips
Youth is an endless treasure
Figuring out what has been contemplated
This is all that is most valuable in the world

Energy, able to solve with skill and ease whenever and wherever.
Experience, ready to perform no matter when.
Attack on all fronts, able to achieve success.
Unable to be beaten, unable to be frightened, flawless.
Overflowing strength, though a smile as warm to heal.
Although fascination is a secret that is hard to uncover.
Completely fallen into a trap if not paying attention.
Yet you will not reject, suffering this type of red disease.

Riding the white wind, landing into this world.
Eyes filled with uneasiness of the first time entering Garden of Eden.
Just like an innocent child.
Letting others want to block the wind for you, protecting your world.
Not letting trivial dust and gravel near.
The world only has you, no matter where.
Wherever, it's heaven.

Promoting 100 days in advance, 12 members were individually announced in 23 teasers; they had their debut showcase in China and Korea separately; they sold over 100,000 copies of their chinese and korean version debut EP in one month; coming from the famous entertainment company, SM, in 2012, EXO was born, destined to be a marvelous and strong group.

The group EXO which contains 12 members is split into two groups as EXO-K and EXO-M, Chinese sub-group EXO-M used an award ceremony stage as debut stage, marking their start in activities, after that targeting many big music website charts; in Korea with only a few songs out, is already success with many fansigns in Seoul; and for the first time attended SM family's concert at LA, the other side of the Pacific Ocean, they had received craze support and chasing; they had returned back to the country at the end of May, fans crowded the airport to meet them, similar to a hurricane crossing through the border.

Even though they possess intruder's mightiness, with a side order of "squealing", "popularity" things that mark the hallyu wave, EXO-M has repeatedly emphasized that they are a Chinese group, only that they are presenting trends, music, visual that once belonged to the Hallyu wave using a language we are familiar with, letting many who were constraining their emotions for a long time to finally explode with their love. There is actually a lot other than popularity, like dancing skills, artistic skills, acting skills, about them, there is still a wickerwork basket of things to present.

Then is EXO-M's birth also accounted for a chinese-korean invasionAlbum- Clip Interpretation
Reality is full of pretense and coldness, letting people down, under the atmosphere of the final day (end of the world), mother earth is uttering sad calls. Teens that hold superpowers attempts to come together to save the world. These formed EXO-M album's title song <<MAMA>>'s elements, showing chinese teens' curious direction of sincerity and reflection. Staying away from normal idol image's prejudice, using <<MAMA>> as the title song as well as the album name, thanks to Liu Yin Zheng and Teddy Riley's finest alliance, secured the music's international level. Using dance song as main, electric sounds to assist, with an additional of lyrics and rap, <<MAMA>> is a Korean-made style music, to EXO-M's 6 members with distinguishing quality is definitely a chance to express their individual characteristics to their heart's content.

[MAMA] Challenging Recording
XIU MIN: <<MAMA>>'s melody is powerful, and there is also a lot of levels and changes (LU HAN randomly added: XIU MIN ge has a lot of screaming parts) At the same time there are a lot of coordinated moves and intense dancing, when recording we also have to consider live (live performances), when we first entered the recording studio everyone was very ignorant. Thanks to the experienced producer teacher's teachings, we successfully finished recording.

[Two Moons] Great Supporting Vocal
KRIS:<<Two Moons>> is a collaboration between Shinee's Key senior and us, the rapping part is done by me, Tao, and Key senior, all the member's voices is integrated into the climax part. This song sums up our voices' superiority, each member does their own part, there wasn't much difficulty. (Rapper Leader's confidence)

[Machine] Vocal Interpretation
Chen: The song's beat is very fast, since we want to express the urgent feeling, when recording the producer teacher wants us to sing like "machines".
Luhan: Right, stressing that each and every syllable's pronunciation has to keep repeating. This song is very difficult live, but it also excites us, to challenge it.

Overseas- Expanding
SM family's concerts contains 10 years of history, including the artists under SM. Accompanied by all seniors and Fans, this stage witnesses each new SM's group's start. No long ago, EXO-K and EXO-M together, along with TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, etc seniors had come together standing on USA LA's stage for SMTOWN tour concert, the feeling of being acknowledged needs no words to describe it.

KRIS: The feeling of being the first time overseas and getting so many people's support, being on that stage will be remembered forever. Also this time at LA, i found out many dreams through collaborating with BoA and DBSK. (After this the tour is happening in Taiwan stadium, Tokyo dome, and Seoul Center, able to see more fan's enthusiasm.)

Appearance - Back to Their Natural Self
Recently debuting, stages belonging to EXO-M already has powerful charisma and charm. A lot of effort is put in behind the stage, they spent a lot of time being hardworking trainees before being able to find the stage belonging to them. Endless charisma onstage, humble and polite offstage, no matter when, whatever they show is their real attitude. Their fans that wait and protect patiently is actually their energy source. "Not forgetting the basic heart" is SM idol's positive tradition, making their relationship with their fans treasurable.

KRIS: We work hard to show the finished product from training on stage. We must overcome the nervousness that comes with the course of events. We wish to get more stage experiences, and from there become one with the enjoyable stage. Let others recognized what is "EXO's stage". A stage and music that belongs to EXO, I believe is the thing that lets our fans feel most proud about.

LAY: I am the most sorry to Fans. Because I'm shy, I don't know how to give them the right response. At the fansign in korea, I didn't dare look at fans, my actions were still. But after thinking about it, us (EXO-M) didn't have much activities in Korea, but a lot of fans came for the fansigning, we gained a lot of energy looking at them. We work hard to show our most real appearance to everyone at the fansign, it won't waste everyone's effort in coming to support us, I think all of our members think the same on this point.

Kris x Lay
Incisive X Shrewd
Aegyo and Gag
Exclusive information from the youngest TAO : When we were at the Disneyland at L.A, Lay, Baekhyun hyung, Sehun, leader (Kris) and I went on the Grizzly River Run. The water would always end up splashing on Leader and Lay. Baekhyun hyung, sehun and i were basically fine. The both of them were wet from their hair to their clothes, the water is really cold and they both of them were freezing.
Kris (cutting in) : It's okay, actually after that i snatched Lay's jacket over and wore it....
Lay (in a daze staring blankly) : .......................................


Born 6th November 1990, Scorpio
This guy has a face so pretty, is responsible, knows how to give and take, is smart, is clear headed, is tactful and reacts fast. A medium/low voice that makes one drunk the moment it's spoken with.

Growing Pains
Kris : The training days were long, it's longer for me, especially (2007-2012), it would be a lie to say there weren't times i was at loss, and i feel powerless very often. You can say that the hardest to overcome were the passive/negative thoughts, because they come at the most irregular times.

During the whole shoot,, kris, da zui and the photographer had the most interactions aside from the manager. He was the first to change and had his make-up touched up, the first to stand in front of the camera checking the positions and the angles of the others; bringing up any questions without second thought when showed the samples ; taking care of any details with regards to the members as much as he could. Kris gives off a matured artist's calmness and collectedness, which is very rare for a rookie. To be in the position of a leader, he is no doubt the most suitable.

Kris: Rapping is the use of beats and rhythms whilst expressing something to seek the listener's resonance, the ways of expression and its emotional direction is different for every language, it's a pity i was less exposed to chinese rap, and mostly listened to english rapping, also exposed to korean rap most when i was a trainee in korea, but in the future everybody please recommend good works to me more, i will work harder and learn.

In general, Kris makes it difficult for people to look him straight in the eyes because of his perfect set of features. As a scorpio male, his dominance and ability to work is on par with each other, so this person is aggressive and can lead. Sweeping people off their feet with a leader's charm. As a 'Walking weapon of mass destruction", he has a strong aura when he doesn't smile (but a laser beam that accompanies naturally when he smiles), tall, fine and pasts by with a breeze,he could become the center of attention no matter where he walks. But the all teeth smile on his face that hides his eyes whenever he jokes around with the other members, is so childlike.


Born 7th October 1991 , Libra.
This guy has almond-shaped eyes (t/n : metaphorically, eyes that attract), is savvy, tenacious, serious, meticulous and thinks a lot. His variety talents are like hidden treasures, too often in a daze, moe points full marks。

Growing Pains
Lay : For a chinese trainee the hardest part of all is always the language. There were cultural differences and a language barrier to begin with. I spent a whole year to adapt to the environment, while practicing non-stop, to think back about it now, the hard-work and fundamentals established were worth it. As time passes, environment familiarized, and mixing around comfortably with the korean trainees, all the difficulties had been overcome.

This man has an especially good knowledge and interpretation of the word "Entertainment" ; He would not accept foreign information passively, Highly initiative and very adaptive in learning, He is the one who sticks in a pin wherever there's room (t/n: makes use of every opportunity), the one who reveals exclusive insider information, the one who makes sarcastic remarks and picks a bone with people, even summing things up and giving a final speech, he is still the one who does it ; When he's not dancing and singing, he's always in a daze and slow with reactions, but in fact, this man is observant and meticulous about his surroundings, showing off shrewdness which reads "I'm muddle-headed for a reason".The fact that he has a clear vision and lots of ideas, earns him more points.

Lead dancer
Lay : I feel very lucky, the company has so many seniors who can dance really well. I am always practicing with them as my goal. Our dance teacher is very formidable as well, I was also lucky to have followed SHINee sunbaes to perform in their concert in Japan, the experience i got before and after are very precious that i think i could use it for my entire life.

Instruments and Cooking
During an interview not long ago, Lay played and sang the song 【New Endless Love】and wow everyone, he can also play the piano well ; his capabilities in creating and writing songs makes people anticipate. On the other side, this may be hard to relate but ------ Lay is the member who would cook for the members in the dorm, he would get in the kitchen when someone screams they're hungry, pick up the pot and start cooking (while we're at this, Lay's favorite it Stir-fried meat with chilli), he understands life, understands entertainment, dances well, and can create songs, very well-rounded.

Quiet x Sentimental
Aegyo and Gag
Exclusive information from Baozi XIUMIN : Our Chen is very meticulous, he would always take note and care of the fan's moods, so he's the member who does the best fanservice~
Exclusive information from the ignorant little deer (LUHAN) : Our youngest TAO has a little of the bad boy feel, because his appearance does not fit his age , he looks cols, and also his eye circles are very dark (TAO : They are not eye circles they are puffiness under the eyes!!) He looks a little gloomy. But after you get familiar with him you will know that he butter someone up.


Born 2nd May 1993, Taurus
This guy is sentimental, has a mature appearance but childlike on the inside; is artless, loves to act like a spoilt child; willful at times, is a true maknae (youngest one) indeed.

Growing pains
Tao : "I spent much more time to keep up with the pace of the others. Because i have always been practicing martial arts since young, my bones and muscles need to be co-ordinated ; in order for my body to be more flexible, I did a huge amount of Yoga practices. I am also very tall, the early stages of starting yoga was really a period that's painful to remember, it hurt too much .... it's hurts even at the thought of it now."

When looking at EXO-M for the first time, one will notice Kris and Tao first because of their heights. Tao who is very tall has an 11-year history of practicing martial arts, very skilled. Tao's swordsmanship and cudgel skills is perfectly displayed in the EXO's mv and stages. "Diligence" is very important to people who practices martial arts, Tao at his very young age is a energetic kid who always practices diligently and doesn't stop practicing despite having a waist injury.

Dark eye circles that wouldn't go gave Tao the nickname "Panda", even if he insisted they were not dark eye circles but puffiness under the eyes。Despite the difference in body size between Tao and 'Kungfu Panda', but his likeableness is on par with Kungfu Panda's. Tao is very dependant on his gege's (t/n: older members) care and love. In this group of 12 members, this reliance is very much fulfilled, so the glorious story of him being touched to tears by them is known far and wide.

Tao has a very mature appearance, thus people's first impression of him is that he's a little cold, looking nothing like the youngest, but the bubble pops once he starts speaking. He has a soft voice, well-behaved and shy, and is always curious to seek more about foreign stuff, he is a little willful with artlessness among it. Over the tough trainee period his artlessness and softness were still intact, which has now become a precious trait. We hope he can keep that trait because it is so rare and also it'll be better if he is more confident.


Born 21st September, 1992, Virgo.
This guy gets shy easily, is quiet, has a special tone to his voice, is highly explosive and possess strong inner skills, looks quiet and cold on the outside, but a whole opposite on the inside; He only shows a tip of the iceberg of what he actually can do, can developed into someone better.

Growing Pains
Chen : "In the process of preparing for our debut, compared to the outstanding strengths of others, i am always worried i am not doing good enough. Because of that, i'm always putting in more effort."

The Best in The Group
Despite only having debuted for a short period of time, but due to Chen's meticulous character, he is approved by the group as the member who can do the best fanservice, and also the member who knows how to locate cameras (during performances), even if he said himself looking for cameras relied on instinct and sensitivity.

Lead Singer
Chen who has a special voice thinks that chinese is very difficult, the hardest part of it is pronunciation, he would subconsciously use extra strengths at words beginning with "Z,C,S" and the more attention he pays to it the more nervous he gets the easier it is to make mistakes, so he's putting in effort to correct them now. The chinese song he's learning now is Show Luo 'Love Does Not Travel Alone', he likes it a lot as it is ballad with its melody pleasant to the ears. The song 'Love Does Not Travel Alone', which is a collaboration between Chen and seniors eunhyuk and ryeowook earned the audience's cheers during SMTown's tour concert in Taipei.

Speaking Abilities
When this guy smiles the 'laugh lines' on the corner of his eyes are like scissors and they kill, the impact he has after putting on eyeliner is also .. The impact he brings after putting on eyeliner is also distinctive. Being a virgo with a indirect and finicky character, the rumour “Chen's speech technique is formidable" didn't exist without a reason. MC skills that were displayed during TAO's birthday party is just a tip of the iceberg of what he can offer. Due to the fact that the other members has more outstanding straits of their own, Chen's variety skills is an instinct forced out by stress. An observer always has a clearer picture of things. Under the cover of quietness lies strong observing skills and the power to control, Fans must not miss this.


Born 26th March 1990, Aries.
This guy is well rounded and eternally baby-faced, he has sharp features, gives off ’cute-viruses', is a reliable 'there's always me' big brother, and is also an indispensable part of the team.

Growing Pains
Xiumin : "The tough times encountered during the training period has a lot to do with my own adaptability, but regardless of the hard work or the happiness, they are all motivations for me to keep moving on, I keep a positive and hardworking attitude and always looking forward no matter what.

Sense of existence
Xiumin always repeats out loudly whenever he hears a chinese word he doesn't understand, and looks at the person speaking for a correct pronunciation with 'Bling Bling' eyes. Xiumin is the oldest in EXO-M, but has a cute face of a youngest, he's nicknamed 'Baozi' for a reason. It definitely kills when he puffs up his cheeks like a bun, it killed even more when he blinks his eyes absently. However xiumin gives off a quiet and calm aura when he is not talking or smiling, giving a hard pat on the shoulder as comfort to another member makes him look dependable as well. Possessing high standards in dancing and singing, Xiumin when put together with the other 12 members gives him a sense of existence that cannot be ignored.

"It is an honour that people would give us their recognition and support directly. I love both singing or dancing, and in the future i would work harder and present cooler and better performance to everyone."

Xiumin is not confined by the nicknamed 'Baozi' given to him and did not conservatively stick to the cute image, if the known term 'idol's burden' (t/n: that an idol always have to careful in fear of losing their image) comes with something called 'expressions management' in the package, then xiumin has no inhibitions about this at all. Despite the overly intense expression when he 'shouts', it is not clashing at all. At the same time, he would laugh it off the next second he is in a situation where he's embarrassed (t/n: by others), Xiumin has a youthful spirit, a humble attitude, in fact he's just knows how to give and take, a handsome dude who carries himself like an adult.


Born 20th April 1990, Taurus.
This guy is beautiful all around, muddled like a deer, aces in singing, has formidable dance skills, is energetic and passionate, positive and full of vitality, has the perfect qualities but composed. Lu handsome (Pun on his name Lu han), with his pressing aura.

Growing Pains
Lay : "I've encountered bottlenecks in the trainee period, the question of how can i further push my singing and dancing abilities troubled me for a long time. To think about it that period of time was really gloomy and grey."

C. Luo. (Short form of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in chinese)
"Cute" is a good word, but Luhan is a boy after all, so instead of 'cute' he prefers to be described by others with 'handsome'. Unfortunately, with every single move and expression he makes , "cute" is the only appropriate word to describe it. However when this man is on stage his powerful aura is on full blast with an amazing stage presence one cannot ignore, combining 'fresh', 'innocent' and 'magnificent' into one, the charm is simply boundless. As an upright and enthusiastic 'sunshine boy' (t/n : someone who is very bright and cheerful), Luhan is very obsessed with soccer, He can do fine as forwards or wing forward and has excellent soccer skills, he especially likes Cristiano Ronaldo because of his well-rounded skills. Luhan wishes to be a well-rounded player in soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Glistening Tears
Luhan was down with flu on the day of the shoot, He wouldn't stop to rest or complained of tiredness even if he was coughing the entire time, he was professional despite his young age, here's a thumbs up. Eventually, he couldn't help it and was coughing till his eyes were red and his eyes were glistening with tears, it was the magazine's photographer who couldn't bear to watch it and said "Come, wipe the tears off this kid, they're almost flowing out with all the coughing". Luhan was so embarrassed and said "I'm so sorry i held up the shoot teacher", he was so well behaved and sensible.

During interval breaks and when the music in the background pauses, Luhan walks up to the staff silently and asked if they could play MAMA, to find out afterwards, that he wanted to practice the dance and the song during the break. Practicing everywhere he could, without supervision, this should be an artist's instinct and also a rare assiduous habit.

Baby-face x Baby-face
Aegyo and Gag
Exclusive information from the youngest TAO : Xiumin hyung is good with swords but it's different from the chinese sword i use in my 11 years of practice. We often discuss and research about how do we improve our flexibility to the best with warm-ups. As for images of him and I exchanging skills (t/n : fighting each other in a good way), please stop imagining silently.
Exclusive from Luhan himself : It felt amazing when that much fans came for the fansign in korea, but there was a fan who came up the stage and a fake cockroach rolled out from the booklet she opened for me to sign, and i got a huge shock. Such events seems really popular recently, fans seemed to enjoy doing it very much, it was fun even if i got a shock.

6 x 12 Personal Question & Answer
Q1 : Changes since debut?
Chen : I put more effort into skincare. (laughs)
Kris : The details to take note more increased, I have to always remember to behave like an artist and remember i am one.
Xiumin : I pay more attention to my appearance, can’t be too casual.
Luhan : (with Bling Bling eyes) : I put in more effort into taking care of my health, i caught a cold recently that’s why i couldn’t help myself but cough and held up everyone’s work. So in the future i would take note of my health more. (This kid is so sensible, tears.)
Tao : Putting in more effort in my body and how i look. I would think more about how i could look better than i am now. (He was all adult-like serious and determined, it was difficult trying to hold in my laughter)

Q2 : The member with the most “bad boy” feel?
All : KRIS.
Lay : But only because he “looked” like one. He is too good-looking and he smirks sometimes, so he has that ‘dangerous’ vibe around him. (Pats kris’s shoulders : Come, give me a smirk. Kris moves one side of his lips, oh down i go!) But after much interaction we can all see he is a very warm-hearted guy and takes good care of all of us, he does his role of a group leader well, not “bad” at all.

Q3 : The member who is completely opposite onstage and offstage?
All : LAY.
Kris : He is the lead dancer, on stage he has a powerful aura and gives off such strong charisma. Offstage he’s filled with humor and is especially cute. He’s always always slow with his reactions and does things that makes people laugh uncontrollably, it is hard not to laugh watching him with such slow reflex responses.
Lay : It's only recently that i found out i have a slow reaction to things. And it's only a "little" slow. (to be eventually defeated by kris's "Got it got it, it's not like it's totally unforgivable to be slow" face.)

Q3 : Favorite genre of music?
CHEN : My favorite which i got exposed to a lot during trainee days, R&B.
Kris : Hip-hop, Dance-pop, and R&B.
Lay : Ballad, Dance-pop, Hip-hop. R&B, Soul, I like everything. Really, I. Like. Everything!
Xiumin : I like Ballads a little more~
Luhan : R&B
Tao : Dance-pop.

Q4 : Preferred dance style?
CHEN : I am only working on the moves that were choreographed and assigned to me, I said i was the "Dancing Machine" previously but that is just a declaration of my goal. (laughs)
Kris : I really want to learn Breaking, the floor moves seemed really cool.
Staff : But ..... (with you being all limbs.....)
Kris : Indeed, Breaking is difficult and one can get injured easily but if i had the chance i would want to learn it properly.
Lay : I prefer popping, locking and breaking, also the LA style dance we're doing now.
Xiumin : Every dance can display charm one way or the other , so i like them all. (Well-rounded one's confidence)
Luhan : Popping and LA Style
Tao : Hip-hop and LA Style

Q6: A senior from SM family you want to be like?
CHEN : Super Junior
KRIS : The seniors all take good care of us, and i especially want to be like Yunho from DBSK and Siwon from Super Junior.
Lay : I respect all our seniors, and hop we can be like them.
Xiumin : Super Junior.
Luhan : DBSK and Super Junior
Tao : DBSK, Super Junior, and Girls Generation.

Q7 : SMP song that left the biggest impression?
CHEN : H.O.T <I Yah>
Kris : Super Junior <Don't Don>
Lay : Super Junior <Don't Don>
Xiumin : DBSK <Rising Sun>
Luhan : H.O.T <I Yah>
Tao : DBSK <O. Jung ban hap>

Q8 : Favorite song from your mini album?
CHEN : <Machine>
KRIS : <What is Love>
Lay : <Two Moons>
Xiumin : <MAMA>
Luhan : <Your World>
Tao : <History>

Q9 : Best song you can sing in Karaoke?
All (defeated) : We haven't been to the karaoke for a very, very long time.
(Persistent): Then what was the song you sang the last time you went, do you still remember?
Kris : We haven't had a chance to go to the karaoke together. And if we get the chance, i really want to sing every song i can.

Q10 : The last time you cried and why?
CHEN : Havent had such memory for the past 2 years.
Kris : 3 years ago, It's new years and training was really tough, i really missed home, i cried when i called home.
Lay : Last year's birthday, everyone was there, that was the biggest birthday i ever had, i was so emotional at that time and so ..... i cried all over the place.
Xiumin : I can't remember since i haven't cried for such a long time.
Luhan : Being Showcase, when everyone was on stage together, i almost cried.
Tao : 2nd May in korea, everyone was holding a birthday party for me in the company. All the 12 members were there and felt really happy and contented i cried out.

Q11 : Speciality dish?
CHEN : Kimichi fried rice.
KRIS : Crab roe fried rice, Fried noodles with enoki mushrooms and sausages, Raw egg mixed with Jajangmyun is good as well, i like to try new dishes and ways to eat them.
Lay : I am good with home-cooked dishes, I can make something as long as there's ingredients.
Luhan : I like Lay's Ham and sausage fried rice.
Tao : I like Lay's Stir fried eggs with cucumber. He can even make something special and different with Kimchi.
Xiumin : I can actually do spaghetti which all the members like.
Luhan & Lay : (Surprised + looking forward) Oh?! (Xiumin nods confidently and said I really can please wait~)
Luhan : Honestly i am only at the standard of cooking instant noodles, and adding an egg, that's the furthest i can go.
Tao : I can do Egg fried rice, by myself, without any help~
Staff : To sum it up, as long as lay is around nobody would go hungry.
All : Yes!

Q12 : A chinese song that was recently put on loop?
CHEN : I am listening to Jam Hsiao's album recently, and Show Luo's <Love doesn't travel alone>
Kris : <MAMA>
Lay : <MAMA>
Xiumin : <Who would you think of when you're lonely> (t/n: song by Ocean 欧得洋)
Luhan : <Your World> from our album
Tao : <MAMA>

Side Account
You are not a good one if you are a photographer or an editor who do not prepare your hearts before shooting EXO-M. (N moments of weak knees)

1. When I brought in the rundown to the holding room, the kids were holding the food manager bought and eating away happily, all dressed up and in ties but were stuffing their faces, it was so cute. I wasn't prepared mentally and got weak in the knees.
Luhan, (chewing chewing couldn't speak clear, and bling bling eyes) : "Jiejie, we're shooting now?" Me (forced myself calm): "You guys finish eating first". (Holds my chest and runs off)

2. During the shot, the photographer said "Here don't look at the camera look to the side." and there came 6 jolts of electricity (t/n: eyes) , i who was standing around can't look back for a second, i got weak in the knees, runs. (Photographer were you playing with me? I wasn't prepared, you were playing with me right?!)

3. During solo photoshoots, I helped to swing Chen's tie a few times, however i didn't put enough stress and the tie was "floating" limply, I felt really bad and apologized, Chen was smiling widely, embarrassed, and at the end when he was asked to wink while smiling widely, the cute couldn't fit the studio, once again, jelly legs while swinging ties.

4. Regardless of the set of clothes, leader Kris would always be the first to be prepared and check. I would also be the one who face-floors (falls) all the time especially when the 'male-god' steps out slowly from behind the drapes all dressed and smiling.... it is too pleasant to the eyes. Street casual male god is definitely a bigger killer, running out of the make-up room with tousled fringe and a relaxed expression, instead of looking straight at it.... my knees gave way.

How is He Always So Joyful
1. Luhan loves laughing and laughs at the smallest things, he's a curious baby. During formal shots Luhan finds it funny that everyone was so serious and stern, he was holding in his laughter so hard until his mouth went out of shape. The photographer gave up and started saying "Don't laugh, hold it in, hold it, kid, don't laugh!",luhan stared with his eyes wide and lost it, the wrinkles in the corner of his eyes and his long lashes, everything was beautiful. Kris sighed helplessly at the back, and Lay was pouting and shaking his head. This scene, tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

2. When the backdrop and props were ready, the photographer and i were doing final checks, cheerful laughter could be heard coming from the holding room, i turned my head and..... tao when did you appear behind the computer looking at the samples? He was clicking away on the mouse continuously but nothing on the screen was moving, and so he looked at me helplessly with an orea mcflurry on hand .......

3. When touching up their makeup, the kids were flipping a same <Pop> magazine and studying it, kris pointed at “huan tuo LAY” and asked, what's the meaning of “huan tuo”? The editor who wrote the draft was in another room and the staff didn't know how to answer it, but only could smile back at him. Just as Kris was fretting over the meaning of “huan tuo”, lay face was nothing like in a daze or blur, but was twitching. The staff was scared and shook the editor's shoulders and said 'how did you expect me to answer that at the time....."
(t/n: the meaning of huantuo is similar to being joyful)

Idol’s Instinct
On the spacious shooting area, in front of the complicatedly designed backdrop, during changing times, makeup touching up time, whenever they can, as long as the song from the album is played, the kids will make use of every time and practice their dance moves, not letting any chance to correct their moves slip by. Even during the photoshoot, they started hitting the side of their thighs on reflex when the beginning of <History> started playing, they were always on practice mode wherever they go, this is a habit that would earn lots of likes and approval from others.

EXO-M Explosive Nature
Belonging to the big group EXO's EXO-M are aliens that are scarily using their fastest speed to level up into the blacklist, EXO are idols from SME, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD's juniors, as expected had inherited the power of sweeping away the airport. Even though the first and only time of all members arriving is this year's March 31st, also the time they haven't officially debuted in China, when they are truly brand new rookies, they are crowded at the airport by fans that had arrived there before them, the members/group who already have a large scale reinforcement had made a scene that has been rarely seen in a year, and when the 12 members shiningly came out of the normal exit, going up the airport escalator, it has become a difficult thing. Not too long after that, May 27th, at capital city Seoul international airport, EXO-M had finished Korea's fansign and USA SMTOWN concert and is returning back to the country, coincidentally a long weekend, if you don't meet now when will you meet again? Almost a thousand fans has flooded the airport, and starting when EXO-M has come out of the normal exit, it has made EXO-M the center of attention. The members had kept their politeness and smile even in the situation of people squishing people, people pushing people, but the widened round eyes of some members show that they were shocked from the pushing and pulling incidents, that they a lot of people from the circle where there and witnessed the incident, they had circled and watched and recorded pictures to post on weibo, how to respond to explosive airport meetings, should be studied.

Fans showed a game of surround and pulling at the airport, idols are always in a state of pushing and pulling, even though there is a feeling of Yellow Crane tower having no alternative for freedom (yellow Crane tower was in Wuhan city, built in 223, burnt down in 1884 and was rebuilt in 1985), to foreign guests there is nothing more inspiring to heart than to experience that many people remembering in concern, cherishing, and waiting for you. Even though this can cause complications to the idols, they are still very thankful to the fans for their enthusiasm. Manager company on one hand vigorously lashed out on fans meeting them at the airport as crazy and not intellect, and on the other hand also concerned about making news because of the amount of people seeing them at the airport. The media is already used to the craziness of the fans of korea, in the industry's point of view, passersby just want to watch a bustling scene, no matter what, fans picking them up at airports is a place to watch for both people inside and outside the circle. The amount of people picking them up, the level of craziness, even the damage to the airport, all undoubtedly reflect on Japanese and Korean idol's popularity and acceptance level. Welcoming is in an airport, seeing them off is in an airport, in an idol's day, a welcoming ceremony from airport will continue to exist as always.

Original: Dang Dai Ge Tan July Issue
Photo Source: Belongtoyou
Translated by: cloudprincex3, uchisama, vivi, yenuo, babyixing @

EXO-K Weibo Update

 (so cute *-*)

Inkigayo Magazine June 2012 Issue

The first page of their fateful history

‘EXOPLANET’. Have you ever heard of this unknown planet out of our solar planet? They were born from this place that only exists in our imagination and they of course all have superpowers and incredibly good looks. Moreover, only 60 days after their debut, their talents make it hard to believe they are only rookies.The unknown world they came from or their superpowers might be considered as nonsense but the more you look at them, the more you think their existence is different from the people here. There is definitely something special about EXO-K.

Su Ho
Birthdate : 1991. 5. 22
Blood Type : AB
Position : Leader, Sub Vocal
Speciality : Acting and Golf

The skilled leader Suho already gets called “Myunkael” (a nickname obtained by mixing his real name, Joonmyun and Mickael) thanks to his sacred looks. With his live skills being acknowledged after his seven long years of training and his gentle charisma that brings the members together, Suho had no other choice but to become EXO-K’s leader. Because he looks like every girl’s nice and warm romantic senior, he might be seen as a man who keeps his life on the straight and narrow all the time. Even though he is charming, Suho also has an unexpected simple minded side in certain situations. Nevertheless, knowing what a leader’s true role is and with his honest life, Suho never fails to show EXO-K’s bright elegance.

Birthdate : 1992. 11. 27
Psychic Powers : Flame
Blood Type : A
Position : Main Rapper
Speciality : Guitar, Drum, Bass and Djembe, Acting

Just with his smile, Chanyeol has the ability to spread the happy virus and make all the people around him happier. After watching him react with a bright smile that exposed his teeth and showed him using his facial muscles as well as his signature “multiple claps”, we understand why the fans call him a ‘personality pretty boy’. But no matter what, Chanyeol’s biggest charm is his “low voice” that generates an echo, which is the total opposite from his innocent and bright smile. Besides, his big eyes that can either express pureness or provocation turns Chanyeol into a completely different person whether he’s on or off stage.


ONE. 100 day-long debut promotion

After SHINee four years ago, ‘EXO’ is the first boygroup to debut under ‘SM Entertainment’, the company that produces Korea’s best idol groups. Even before their official debut through a showcase on March 31st, and without clear information about them, this group caused many to become curious about the team and the members. Starting with member ‘Kai’, they released 23 online teasers in order for 100 long days before revealing the truth. Their debut song ‘MAMA’ has been released both in Korean and Mandarin, both simultaneously promoting in both countries and also making it ground-breaking together… As expected, their debut received an explosive response both in Korea and China, making them known as extraordinary rookies.

TWO. 1ST Mini Album <MAMA>

EXO-K’s first mini-album was released on April 9th. Extraordinarily for a debut album, it came first on the ‘Hanteo Chart’, a ‘Korean Music Chart’ of the Korean site that totals the CD sales, a month after the release, receiving amazing results as they ‘Broke through selling 100,000 CDs’. This hot yet scary reaction speed towards EXO-K as a result shows them an even bigger number of possibilities, as they’re now on the starting blocks. They’re so unrivaled that we can’t even follow their moves and we can only call them ‘Supersized Monster Rookies’.

THREE. ‘EXO, let’s love!”

They don’t take the public and the fans’ love for granted and it’s a motto that means ‘Let’s become a group that shares rather than receives’. They’re warm men who never forget their chant “EXO, let’s love!” they shout before going up on stage while holding each another. It’s not a meaningless sentence as even before debut until now, they regularly did voluntary service and put in application of their ‘sharing spirit’, isn’t it obvious that the eyes looking towards EXO who are prettier than flowers and have even more beautiful hearts can only be full of love!

Track 01. MAMA

It’s a song talking about the sadness of the absence of communication and the discord with reality modern men feel in a digital world, it’s also an emotional song as it expresses the feeling of hope to find an innocent love. EXO-K and EXO-M’s debut song have a Gregorian chant and the orchestra’s imposing sound that makes the mood even more mysterious and the sharpness of the synth and the guitar riff duing the dancebreak with the strong shouting’s powerful singing overwhelm the ear.

Track 02. What Is Love

It’s an R&B song with a sophisticated sound made by the worldwide famous producer Teddy Riley and the composer Yoo Youngjin. The electric guitar giving a vintage feeling lead the whole song with the simple drums and bass, the smooth sound of the synth that match it and stimulate the listeners’ sensibility.EXO-K’s members, D.O and Baekhyun sing the Korean version while EXO-M’s Chen and Luhan sing the Chinese one, the vocals are realling refreshing and the song has a dream-like atmosphere.

Track 03. HISTORY

The percussions and the fresh bouncing beats and melody link the song tightly and give it tension. It’s a light dance song made by Yoo Youngjin and the Danish composer Thomas Troelsen who is known to the Korean fans too thanks to DBSK’s ‘MIROTIC’, SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ etc., it’s a song where we can feel EXO-K and EXO-M’s hope to make new history.

Track 04. 너의 세상으로 (Angel)

It’s a medium tempo ballad where we can feel EXO-K and EXO-M’s rich sensitivy, famous for producing the pop star Justin Bieber, Shinhyuk composed this song. It’s an R&B song with an unique touching melody line and a sophisticated piano tune that match the mysterious mood of the lyrical lyrics taking about an ‘angel’s innocent love’.

Track 05. 두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (Two Moons) feat. KEY (SHINee)

The strong heavy drum’s sound match the dynamic composition of the trendy crunk song, the Korean version is sang by EXO-K’s ChanYeol, Kai and Se Hun while the Chinese version is sang by EXO-M’s Kris, Lay and Tao who are in charge of rapping and show a perfect harmony, SHINee’s member KEY participating in the featuring making it even fresher.

Track 06. MACHINE

As an addictive strong dance song that’s sharp while being groovy, it balances EXO-K’s powerful vocals with a heavy bass and a strong synthesizer’s sound. It’s composed by the German composer Albertsson, it’s different from standard dance song as it uses a robotic sound instead of conventional drum sounds. It’s even more interesting as it talks about a man’s peculiar imagination thinking “She’s not human, isn’t she a cyborg?” about a girl so perfect it’s hard to approach her.

Birthdate : 1992. 1. 12
Blood Type : A
Psychic Powers : Earth
Position : Main Vocal
Speciality : Singing, Beat box

He is the one who unintentionally became a hot issue after his cute mistake (superior orchestra) during their first debut stage on <Inkigayo>. However if you were in the audience during the rehearsal, you can’t possible forget how D.O perfectly introduced their song! When you compare him to the other members, D.O’s physique is quite small but the powerfulness of his voice makes up for it. The sweet color of his voice that makes your ears melt and his live skills help him to express EXO-K’s music in a cooler way. Besides, thanks to his particularly clear and lovely eyes, D.O carries a charm that keeps you from detaching your eyes from him even if he is surrounded by the others members with strong personalities. From his lovable eyesmile to the cuteness he has had ever since he was in his mom’s womb, trying to pick one of the infinite D.O’s charms is entertaining.

Baek Hyun
Birth : 1992. 5. 6
Blood Type : O
Psychic Powers : Light
Position : Main Vocal
Speciality : Hapkido, Piano

Main vocal, aspiring entertainer, moodmaker, an endless number of nicknames for Baek Hyun are still being made. If we think about it the other way around, it means that he has as many talents in as many various fields, and even better, many of those mean that he’s EXO-K’s ‘Rising Star’. Even while moving to other schedules, he has an impersonation parade with D.O and has the sense to make the other members laugh, even if it’s not intentional, Baek Hyun knows a lot of ways to receive love. He even got the nickname ‘Mediocre Song Joongki’(T/N: Mediocre as in it is a Song Joongki we can see in our daily lives) by the fans because he looks like the actor ‘Song Joongki’ but, if we went out right now in the street, we doubt that we could find someone so good looking. As a main vocal, Baekhyun’s voice color has a personality and his singing skills are painfully good, we recommend the 2nd track ‘What Is Love’ and the 4th track ‘너의 세상으로 (Angel)’ where his vocals are remarkable to understand these explanations.

Birthdate : 1994. 1. 14
Blood Type : A
Psychic Powers : Teleportation
Position : Man Dancer
Speciality : Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, locking)

How many singers are capable to give a dramatic feeling with their dance are there? There is no other word but “art” to use to describe the god-given aptitude Kai possesses. When he gets on stage, his unique dreamlike gaze gets wild, you can see a dark aura coming from him. Moreover, if you look at his appearance capable to make a puppet of his fans, you would think he and the maknae Se Hun do ‘oppa cosplay’. Even with his pokerface that gives a strong impression and makes it impossible to know what’s inside of him, this man is surprisingly famous for his breathtaking fan service. He makes eye contact with everyone in the audience on a regular basis and he doesn’t hesitate to express his affection with his cool and low voice that makes you want him to speak more. The best way to describe the charms of Kai, who makes his fans go through emotional breakdowns because he always exceeds their expectations, is “undefinable”.

Se Hun
Birthdate : 1994. 4. 12
Blood Type : O
Psychic Powers : Wind
Position : Lead Dancer
Speciality : Dance, Acting

Even though he might seem cold at first, the maknae Se Hun is in charge of the “ppuing ppuing” aegyo and is also the mischievous boy of the team. Usually, his eyesmile is so soft it makes you melt but on stage, he oozes manly force and make his many nuna fans lament deeply about the fact he is a ‘minor who is still a senior in high school’. With his handsome looks and perfect body that makes him look like the main character of a novel, Se Hun’s dancing consists of precisely saving the keypoints of the dance and using the choreo’s story to show a graceful strength through fluid movements. Se Hun’s talent to put his own color in his dancing regardless of the style is infinite, just how you can’t determine how deep the sea is because of how quiet it gets.

translation cr; saphira & emilie @ exok-trans