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Thursday, July 19, 2012

EXO-M Pop Magazine 538th Issue

We knew that one volume wouldn’t be enough, a large collection of the behind-the-scenes of the shoot!

EXO-M - You’re seriously good looking!
Since the start, shooting is something interesting, the important segments that are related to subject of the shoot and every minute, every second’s inspiration that suddenly appears will become a beautiful memory. Da Zui has welcomed countless big-shot celebrities in front of the camera, it had always been a place that is crammed with stories. But with guests like EXO-M, “when they come, the rain follows and when they leave, the autumn wind picks up the leaves,” they’re rare to be seen. Da Zui, for this particular shot, has been prepared since a month ago. Indeed, since their debut, Da Zui has already been pondering on when this group of people would come to shoot. In order for this group of young men’s many sides to be honestly captured on camera, Da Zui, you could say that he put in his outmost effort (tears). This time, the capture of material was extremely successful, the video that Da Zui captured and the request for an interview, they both were accomplished and coordinated, EXO-M’s professional groupwork really gives people a good impression. Then, according to the principle of responsibility that Da Zui has towards the fans, the scenes off camera were equally exciting, compared to being happy alone, why not be happy in a group of people; Da Zui has always had the spirit of sharing, in this issue we have compiled in detail every piece of information that happened in the sidelines of the shoot and made it into a inside story of EXO-M’s real personalities off camera. A! Huge! Compilation!

Making Check!!

EXO-M, this team, together with the staff team that work together with them, displayed a kind of all-rounded professional and earnest attitude. Fashion, makeup, styling, details, every step was followed up by professional staff and every detail was taken care of. The clothes that were used in the shoot and the tools were all gently taken and gently placed, the labels and packages were all neatly arranged. Everytime, after the shoot ended, Da Zui would spend a very long time cleaning up the makeup room. But as the day’s shoot ended, the makeup room was already being packed up by EXO-M’s staff — the juice bottles, packing papers, this sort of rubbish would be put into different bags, neatly placed at the corner of the door. Even though they’re tiny details, they show the professionalism and carefulness of the opposing team, it’s something that deserves to be commended. Under such a team’s protection, we are able to leave the kids in good hands.


Fans, you tell Da Zui, no matter how many times Da Zui has tried his best to make the names (of the artists who are appearing) difficult to be found, how are you able to get this information? How did you all manage to find it? Earlier, we heard that the communication between EXO fans is huge, this time, it seems like that really is the case. Even though it was difficult to be found, in front of Da Zui’s shooting studio, several fans turned up, but on the day of EXO-M’s shoot, it could even be said to be a unprecedented grand occasion. Especially when the shoot ended, the crowd of fans that came to greet them, standing outside the studio on the three levels, it looked like all three levels were being surrounded and in the distance, there were fans playing <MAMA> incredibly loud — Even though Da Zui has seen the images of many fans chasing stars, Da Zui has never seen such an occurance where they would be outside his own shooting studio. Once we opened the doors to send the people off, we didn’t prepare ourselves mentally and for that moment, we were shocked. Regarding the situation that suddenly happened, our editor was slightly worried. Even though there was a huge number of fans, everyone kept watch of their social order, maintained their distance and they did not have any physical contact with the members. Everyone did well with their support.

Interviews that have been arranged after the shoot by Da Zui are always casual and relaxing, topics are brought out at the same time as conversing, there will always be unexpected results, and Da Zui will always be able to dig out layers of the interviewees that are unexpected. But regarding the six members of EXO-M, even if it’s the always victorious Da Zui he’s also committed whispering. The management company is strict about the maintainence of the idols, and in such situations, won’t interviewing these people cause people to feel sleepy? Then, when the interview first started, Da Zui realised that the worry from before was unnecessary. The kids were extremely relaxed and they were different from the old foxes who have been in the entertainment industry for years, the reactions that they gave Big Mouth were all sincere “you ask, I answer’, they were continuously unprepared whenever Big Mouth casually asked them questions, the image of them panicking slightly was indeed, cute. When answering questions, they would look into your eyes seriosuly, when it came to talking about something exciting, they’d perk up. When both parties are bickering, there was not the slightest amount of pretending or showing mercy, they were direct.

Everyone has a little !!secretly kept talent!! It’s just life
Kris: He is tall, in order to balance his formation and frames, he practices his gaze. No matter the background, as long as it’s for a shoot, he would quickly make use of his most suitable pose and bend his waist or kneel down. However, he appeared to be tired and panicky after being photographed for hours and being unable to stand straight then.

Xiumin: Unexpectedly imposing existence, Tao and Chen are very reliant on him and at times, even kris will lean close to him attempting dally time, and also show no quarter of starting PIA.

Two people — Team Dance

Right, this is an era of eternal friendship, life has friendship, allowing your muscles to relax and blood to flow smoothly, any illness big or small is cured!

1. The process of Kris and Lay forcibly taking the microphone’s procedure is so joyful that it’s impossible to look straight at, throwing what over the shoulder is too high, the microphone stand’s screw was even snatched off. Those two looked at Da Zui’s twisted expression, and showed a “damaging stage props and such isn’t a problem is it” expression all over their face. Da Zui in a flurry expressed that it wasn’t a problem at all, and at the same time started looking all over the place for the screw that rolled off somewhere they didn’t know. At the end! Our reliable leader in a second picked up the little screw with his sharp eye, combining his hands and feet he swiftly fixed it in 2 seconds. Lay and the admiration showing Da Zui, at the same time, blanked out…

2. Confirmed, Kris’ body glows! The solo photoshoot’s time situation wasn’t short. It was definitely the same lighting effect, during the other members’ shoot there wasn’t a problem at all, but once it was Kris’ time for the shoot, the photography studio’s flash device (T/N: The flash on a camera) just started to continuously go on strike (Flash-classmate could it be that you’re actually female so you cannot function (T/N: They mean that the camera stops functioning because of his handsome face, the way a female would) looking at the samples there was quite a lot of over exposure, the photographers’ sweat fell like rain. Later after not easily finishing the shoot, it was time for the lucky fans’ Polaroids shoot, unexpectedly there was exposure on 3 consecutive photos as well. Da Zui clasped the Polaroid camera, cushioned her toes and (lifting her head is too tiring) sighed: “Kris’s body really does glow” leader immediately grinned a smile, then Da Zui’s…… retina was overexposed with light.

3. Lay’s blankness anytime and anywhere name is not in vain, during the time of the solo shoot when the lens left, he immediately took a mental journey to outer space. Da Zui reminded him of his posture, and realised when this man turned his head it was clear that he was listening seriously and moreover was continuously nodding his head, but his eyes’ focal length didn’t reach Da Zui’s face at all. Da Zui was concerned inside. But soon after realised when photo-shooting this person, he would follow Da Zui’s previous orders and cooperate without lacking even a millisecond, blanking out and being earnest the two aren’t incorrect, these are special effects, gasp in amazement.

Everyone has a little !!secretly kept talent!! It’s just life
Lay: The emperor of details is always complaining about the members’ carelessness, but this person only studies half way and just blanks out. Chattering on about how this part isn’t okay and that part isn’t right, but at the same time he starts to look around at other places on a mental journey, actually causing people to lose strength (facepalm)

Lu Han: An expert at exposing, using the Beijing dialect to stab at people’s wounds (t/n: hurting their feelings). Quick! Definitely! Fierce! From the leader to the youngest, no one is spared.Furthermore, when exposing he has a ruminate face of smiles, honestly causing people to have no energy to fight back.

Everyone has a little !!secretly kept talent!! It’s just life
Chen: The Dance machine is really good at making himself high and losing himself in the music. Singing with Da Zui’s photo-taking BGM from Far East Movement to SHINee to dancing around, he can even imitate SNSD’s Taetiseo exactly.

Tao: His Kung Fu is good, his movements are swift. However, within small narrow spaces, it is easy for him to cause a situation, for example, when he’s moving his feet backwards and forwards, when Da Zui is taking pictures using a backdrop, he neatly stepped a large hole through it.

Maknae Line’s Counter-attack

1. Wielding knives and guns, this type of skill has never fazed Tao, however he couldn’t function the standing mic due to the many screws, indeed, it did allow his hands to be in pain for a little while, while Chen calmly took Tao’s tie in his hand and held it tightly, his face showing an “What will you do now” expression. Although his height is commanding, in terms of power he cannot be taken lightly. While on this subject, at this time Da Zui is playing <What Is Love> on the computer, although he was being pulled at his collar by his tie, he still sang with a look of happiness on his face, lost in the music. When Chen let out his high note, the photographer got chills, while pressing the shutter, he said: “This kid, he sings really well huh.” The main vocal’s strength has certainly been authenticated!

2. It is always when they’re together playing ball, these two have a lot of cooperation. When they were fighting for the standing mic they were still ve~ry~ relaxed. To the extent that they were rushing to grab and pull the microphone using their heads and clinging with dedication, Da Zui standing to one side, leisurely remarked, “It’s not made out of gold, you really don’t need to fight over the mic like that, you are idols, so act like idols ah⋯⋯” Lu Han instantly burst into laughter, quietly translating for Xiu Min, who presently patted Lu Han’s shoulder, seriously remarked, “Control your expressions!”

3. During Lu Han’s individual photo shoot, everybody’s liver shuddered as they were killed by the unrivalled side-profile. The photographer-classmate uses gentle words to try and get him to pose right, finally resorting to the tricks a father uses to trick his child: “Come turn around and look at me for a second~Look at me~ Good good good~~” Additionally, the current BGM was <MAMA>, so LUHAN instinctively began to sing along, but was stopped by the photographer who was profusely sweating: “Child! Don’t move your mouth!” Little Lu obediently closed his mouth, Da Zui, who was looking at the photographers sweat-soaked shirt, laughed heartlessly.

source; exo’s baidu tiebatrans cr; hyerin + xuan + angi + hyewon@exom-trans