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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pop Magazine 540th Issue

Optimistic and outspoken, motivated, cheerful, well-organized, perfectionist. Methodical, thirsting for knowledge, enjoys analysis, open-minded, sensitive and thoughtful, tough but innocent, silence speaks louder than words, his language skills are gold. His innocence is careful, yet at the same time, he is unsurprisingly gentle.

More than enough
Loves to fight and speak for justice, enjoys poking fun at others, continuously sharp-witted. Straightforwardly honest, cohesiveness, a sense of superiority, distinctly unique. Not afraid of failure, never giving up, continuously thinking of winning, he brings his own charm, skillfully and easily.

Steadfastness, natural, like a rock, deep and tough, imaginative, full of awareness, razor-blade sharp, piercing and deep. However, his intense mystery easily confuses.
Therefore, he must have self control, as well as elasticity. Cool and warm – between these two ends, there exists a double sided charm.

As clear and bright as the sun, always straightforward, free and unrestrained as the wind, relaxed and casual, a unique flexible style.
Nimble, bright and decisive, open minded, with unlimited perspectives, is definitely befitting to take risks.

His perspective is black and white, carefully meeting everyone’s desires.
Sometimes feeling lost, when he smiles the deepness of his dimples are a given.
When he walks, he has the nonchalant effortlessness of the wind.
Alert and truthful to an extent above all others.

Relaxed and at ease, second to none, at peace with the world, extremely independent, he has a part of the sky to soar upon.
Naturally naive, his goals are clear and distinct, his behavior is neat, and his thinking is decisive.
Rejects the ideas of fairy tales, yet he has limitless potential beyond the imagination.

Planet Group’s Papaya Salad Travels

Top Image: At the time of their 100 days after debut, a group of young people, EXO-M, EXO-K joined together on July 26th and 27th to go to Thailand; however, the moment the plane landed, they were immediately surrounded and it was hard to move even an inch. Although those jealous of them may try to bring them down, EXO’s popularity is too great to be usurped, and EXO’s overwhelming popularity will still overcome this. Including the fansign event on the 28th and the Mini Live, and the following television show recording, at least ten thousand of their fans were present; their popularity truly rendered many people speechless. The fansign was held at a famous shopping mall. The young men came in contact with 1200 of the local fans; their many kind faces were full of love and it was a comfort to the hearts of the Thai fans who had waited so long. On the same day in the afternoon, the youngsters also held an open air Mini Live, and put on an impressive show despite the non-stop scattered showers, performing <MAMA>and <History>. The first Show in Thailand attracted 5000 fangirls whose enthusiasm was as explosive as that of a volcano’s eruption.

Bottom Image: During their interactions with their fans, it was easy to tell the youngsters had prepared carefully; greetings in Thai were their basic homework, especially Kai who followed his path from Changsha where he captured the ladies’ hearts with sweet words – when he got to Thailand he immediately opened up, using Thai to flirt with the ladies showing his high skill level, he was showered with compliments. Something definitely worth mentioning, however, is that when the two groups performed together, each group brought to stage parts that had been specially arranged.

On <Tonight Thailand>, they created green papaya salad on site, one of Thailand’s classic dishes. EXO-M, EXO-K competed so seriously that the audience was unable to watch. Young people really want to win; in their competitiveness they attempted to sneak hot pepper into their opponents’ salad, and ultimately their final result was sub-par, so much so that the MC truly wished this would be the first and the last time they would ever make green papaya salad.

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EXO-M Heading Back To Beijing 120915

It was messy at the airport so they took the VIP way of getting out of the airport- that's why there's not much photos. 

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