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Friday, November 2, 2012

121102 - Special King's Update


We met super popular group @EXO-M at the concert scene yesterday, they’re not bad you know, they’re all friends who really love hip hop dance, they’re all very friendly, the communication between Korean and Chinese was very cheerful, speaking of which, we, oldfish, have a lot of brothers from Korea, even if I say they’re not, they’re their choreography teachers! Yup! Let’s work hard together! Korean fans who like dancing, remember you definitely must come to our special group to learn dance, alright! 

source; special king crew’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans

EXO-K Ivy Club Magazine


Q: The members’ sleeping habits?

A: My roommate is Sehun, I’m sensitive to heat while Sehunnie’s sensitive to cold, at dawn, if I close the window because I’m cold and sleep, Sehunnie will be hot and always kicks his blanket at the bottom of his bed to sleep~^^*

Q: Your worries as a leader?

A: I’m always sharing the happy things and the sad things with the members, so my worry is that, should the happiness be twice as enjoyable if we halve the sadness?~^^*

Q: Your charm’s point?

A: Like being a warm leader who is really like a big brother to the members, wouldn’t my charm be the warm smile and the cozy(?) heart that I give to all of the fans as well?

Q: My favorite song to sing at the karaoke?

A: The song I always enjoyed singing since I’m a trainee, 4men’s Baby Baby, is my favorite song to sing at the karaoke.

Q: One of the members’s good point you want to steal from them?

A: Ah there are quite a lot„, haha„, Chanyeollie’s sociability that allows him to get along well with anyone, Baekhyunnie’s opposed charms on stage and off stage, D.O’s manly and sexy voice, Kai’s splendid performance, and I think that Sehunnie’s dancing virtues are so awesome that I’d really like to steal them.

Q: The members’ secret

A: Ha…ha… Since it’s the members’ secret …;;; As the leader I can’t tell you my beloved dongsaengs’ secrets!! Ha…ha…ha…;;;



Q: The members’ sleeping habits?

A: Aside from me I don’t think that any of the members has a sleeping habit. They told me that my sleeping habit was that before I fell asleep I made whining puppy noises^^*

Q: Show off you charm’s point

A: My charm’s point is… It’s embarrassing to say it myself but my image on stage and my image in the waiting room have different charms and I think that’s my charm’s point. I transform into a bad guy on stage to show a strong performance while I change into a nice guy in the waiting room.

Q: A song you enjoy listening these days?

A: I enjoy listening to Kim Gwangseok senior’s ‘Letter (편지)’ … Kim Gwangseok senior’s sensibility is really nice so I listen to it a lot these days.

Q: How will you look like in 10 years?

A: I would be travelling all around the world not only with EXO-K but with EXO-M as well, as EXO, all of the members would still get along well, without changing, I think we would be performing happily.

Q: A member you would like to introduce your little sister to if you had one?

A: Hum… First I don’t have a little sister but if I had one, I think I’d tread her very well and nicely. I wouldn’t introduce only one member to that little sister but all of them. I think that if I introduce them to her, she would be happy. If I’m with the members, we’re having a lot of fun and it’s reassuring ^^*

Q: The most precious thing to you

A: The most precious thing to me is… it’s the first polaroid picture my parents took. I have this picture in my wallet, it always gives me strength and everytime I miss them, I can it out and see them, so it’s the most precious thing I have.

Q: 2013’s goal

A: I will do my best to show a better performance and better music to a lot of people in 2013. Keep on looking after EXO and love us a lot please^^ Thank you~



Q: The members’ sleeping habits?

A: Baekhyunnie, my roommate, always makes whining puppy sounds before falling asleep. He doesn’t do it everyday but I think he makes a lot of noises when his body is tired. But it’s not so loud that it keeps me from sleeping, I just listen to that sound like a lullaby and fall asleep as well.

Q: My way to release stress

A: There’s nothing much that gives me stress but when I’m tired, I take a walk by myself while listening to music. When I listen to music at night while taking a walk, it clears my head and my mood gets better as well, and that night I fall asleep well so I think it’s nice.

Q: When you feel that you’re the coolest

A: The moment I feel that I’m the coolest, I think is when I’m focused onto something. I usually play a lot of jokes and I’m always laughing so rather than being cool, I have a bright and funny image, but when I’m practicing or when I’m focused, absorbed into something, I think that I give off a different feeling.

Q: A song your enjoy listening to these days?

A: These days I listen to upbeat songs a lot, among them, there’s a song by Skrillex called Bangarang that I enjoy listening to. It’s a song from the genre called dubstep, the beat is very strong and when you just listen to it, your body goes up and down, it’s a song that’s this exciting.

Q: 2013’s goal

A: I want to make EXO’s music even more known in 2013. It’s not about getting absolutely an award, I want a lot of people to get strength and be happy by listening to our music.



Q: Your first impression of the members?

A: Suho - He looked very examplary and was handsome.
Baekhyun - Very playful and cute.
Chanyeol - A very kind character and because of Chanyeollie’s sociability, I think I got along with him the most easily.
Kai - He was cold but the more I saw him, the more he was charming, he’s really a tenderhearted and good dongsaeng.
Sehun - He was the clumsy and cute maknae but now he’s the all grown-up maknae…;;;;

Q: If you were comparing the members to animals?

A: Suho - Mouse
Baekhyun - Puppy
Chanyeol - Giraffe
Kai - Black leopard
Sehun - Sloth

Q: When you feel that you’re the coolest

A: I still didn’t ever feel that I was cool. (It’s not a lie~)

Q: A member you would like to introduce your little sister to if you had one?

A: If there’s a member that can sincerely like my little sister among the members, I’d, of course, give a chance to all of them.

Q: The most precious thing to you

A: I don’t think I have a specific thing. If it’s one of my belongings, I think that they’re all precious.

Q: A song you enjoy listening to these days?

A: These days I’m into R&B or POP.
mexswell - pretty wings
musiq soulchild - yes
eric benet - real love
adele - someone like you
These are the songs I’m often listening to these days.

Q: 2013’s goal

A: I’ll work hard and do my best at everything so I can show a great performance in front of anyone, this is my goal.



Q: Your first impression of the members?

A: They all looked very nice, reliable and ambitious so I felt that if I was with these members I could enjoy anything.

Q: If you had a role model?

A: It’s Michael Jackson for me. I got to like him when I saw his image overwhelming the audience not only with his dancing or his singing but with his charisma on stage, I bought Michael Jackson videos as well and totally fell for him.

Q: If you had a secret to dance well?

A: Enjoying it is the most important, it’s not about practicing the cool moves first, it’s important to start from the basics and learn little by little. I’m not someone who dances well as well but I learnt the basics of various dances from ballet, to jazz, etc.

Q: My way to release stress?

A: I think that I have various ways to release stress. I generally watch the football team I like on TV and cheer for them or I listen to the song I like by myself, or I release stress by dancing until I’m soaked in sweat.

Q: If I was a woman, which members would I choose to be my boyfriend?

A: I can’t choose only one person. They all have different charms and more than anything, I think that the other members will be upset. So I’d date all of the 5 members. Of course I’d keep it secret shh~

Q: 2013’s goal

A: I hope I will be able to be closer than in 2012 to the general public and to all of our fans. I want to show our music and performance to all the people who still don’t know us and get us known.



Q: Your worries lately?

A: When we’ll release our new album and promote it, our members are each going to have personal schedules so I felt that we were going to talk less with the members and see each others less, that’s what’s worrying me a bit.

Q: An advantage as the maknae?

A: No matter where I go, just because I’m the maknae I receive a lot of cuteness so I think that it’s a really good thing.

Q: Show off your charm’s point

A: I think that my white and smooth skin gives me a pure image. ㅎㅎ

Q: How will you look like in 10 years?

A: EXO will travel not only in Korea or Asia but all around the world to give concerts!!

Q: When you feel that you’re the coolest

A: When I’m on stage with the members and that we shout our chant to greet all of our fans, I don’t really know why but it gives me chills and it’s not only me but all of our members are the coolest and we are really proud!

Q: The person you communicate with the most?

A: We still don’t have handphones so I can’t do it personally. Everytime we have so spare time, I call only my parents through the manager hyungs.

source: seanymph1122
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

(Making film) AR SHOW with S.M.ART

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EXO-M Heading Back To Korea 121102

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