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Friday, June 7, 2013

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EXO-M Lay Site Update

Hello everybody I am LAY

I’m really happy we have completed our first activity in China for our new album. This activity has let us experience the fans’ warmth and enthusiasm again, and it also makes us all very happy

Upon returning to my hometown, my hometown friends and family are still extremely warm, our host seniors also really took care of our exo group, and we hope that next time we have activities in China, we will leave everybody with an ever deeper impression.

Now our Busan and Daejeon fansigns will have finished as well, the fans were really enthusiastic, even after waiting so long. It was a lot of work for you guys.

You guys are always working really hard to show us the most support, and we will repay the support you’ve given us by working really hard, thank you everybody ^^

source: exo-m’s website
trans cr: angi @ exom-trans

EXO M weibo Update


In order for them to promote in Korea, we’re now operating this EXO school bus. We’re letting everyone take a look at EXO sitting on the school bus to attend fan-signing sessions~

source; exo-m’s weibo
trans cr; amy @exom-trans